Welcome to The Great War Bookshop

The Great War Bookshop opened for business online in 2013. After decades of collecting our staff can now hardly read a book that isn’t about the Great War nor refrain from buying one that is (with certain exceptions). Fellow sufferers of the virus, for which there is no known cure, are offered asylum in the spirit of that late, great, undervalued British writer of the Great War, H.M.Tomlinson:

‘Any book about the Great War is good enough for me. I am to that class of literature what little boys are to stamps … I know I consort with ghosts in a region of evil … For some reason I like those ghosts … Most of them have no names for me, but I count them as old friends of mine … . So if in a book I see names like Chateau Thierry, Crepy-en-Valois, Dickebusch, Hooge, Vermelles, Hulluch, Festubert, Notre Dame de Lorette, Ligny-Tilloy, Sailly-Sallisel,  Croiselles, Thiepval, Contalmaison, Dompierre, then I am caught. I do not try to escape …’ (Waiting For Daylight, Cassell, 1922)

Thank you for visiting The Great War Bookshop and welcome to Tomlinson’s consort of old friends.

You can browse our catalogues by going to: AbeBooks.


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