The history of the Great War could not be written until it was over, by which stage some of its most powerful voices had been silenced. While the writing of the history of 1914 – 1918 is continuing today, and perhaps for the next one hundred years, history books cannot connect us directly to the men and women who fought and died, only their books can do that. Our catalogues include the mainstream voices and the marginalised; the prominent and the obscure; the authentics and the imaginers. Some, like Siegfried Sassoon and Edward Thomas, have catalogues to themselves.  Other voices appear  in Classics, Memoirs, Diaries, Ripping Yarns, Women, Letters, Poetry, Religion & Philosophical, Conscientious Objectors or Satire & Humour. We also maintain catalogues of books about Great War books (Lit Crit) and books written before and after the War by writers who came to prominence during it.

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